Subscribe by Email for Podcasters

Subscribe by Email launched June, 2015.

Here’s why Subscribe by Email is great!
  • Podcasters using PowerPress only have to activate the subscribe widget on their sites’ sidebar to implement the Subscribe by Email protocol.
  • Podcasters that do not use PowerPress can use the embed code created when they put their podcast feed into the subscribe link below.
  • Podcasters do not have to figure out how to incorporate play functionality into their own newsletter.
In case your were wondering...
  • Subscribe by Email is about giving listeners and viewers a daily digest email of new podcast episodes, not a daily newsletter with show notes and other show information from the podcaster. Think of Subscribe by Email as a podcatcher for your inbox.
  • It provides podcasters with a simple and efficient way for their audiences to consume their shows. They no longer need to set up their own newsletter infrastructure.
  • Podcasters do not have to figure out how to incorporate play functionality into their newsletters.
Why Blubrry?
  • By linking back to Blubrry, we ensure emails are not flagged as SPAM and reach their destination.
  • Play functionality is the same across the board for desktop and mobile.
  • Blubrry is always discovering and pulling RSS feeds, which is necessary for reliable delivery.

Subscribe by Email keeps your listeners engaged and up-to-date on your podcast. It provides audiences with a way to access multiple podcasts in a consistent format. New or existing listeners get notified by email of your latest episode releases.

This is the first and only multi-show email podcast subscription service.

Help us spread the word about Subscribe by Email so that everyone can receive news on fresh content.

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Stuff You Should Know

How Citizen's Arrests Work

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